“Take Care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.” - Joseph Pilates

What is Equipment Pilates / Reformer Pilates?

Equipment Pilates sessions are for everyone of all ages; men, women, seniors as well as people recovering from injuries, athletes and performers.  Working on the Pilates Reformer, Tower and Wunda Chair the equipment was specifically designed to enhance rehabilitation but is also incredibly effective at creating a more challenging strength and endurance workout. Working muscles through a full range of motion it is ideal for building and toning muscles as well as increasing stability.

Studio sessions are taught as follows

Private Classes

One to one classes for those who wish to work individually. This is great for beginners, those going through rehabilitation due to injury or those who wish to take their fitness to the next level. Classes are tailored to individual needs.

£40 / £200 block of 5  (60 mins)

Semi Private Classes

A session with two clients. Start or continue Pilates with a friend with all the benefits of a private session but at a lower price.

£25 per person / £125 per person block of 5 (60 mins)

Group Mat Classes

Mat classes are held most week days as below. As classes are kept small it is important to book in advance by contacting Milla by email.

£10 per person / £55 block of 6 classes (60 mins)

Please visit our Facebook page for up-to-date class timetable


All cancellations of or changes to appointments require a 24 hour notice. The full session fee will be charged if the notice is less than 24 hours in advance or a no-show.  One emergency late cancellation without penalty is allowed per calendar year for private sessions. If you are late arriving for a session, your scheduled session will be shortened by the amount of time being late.

Whether you are new to Pilates or super fit there is a class for you
– please get in touch to find out more.

Get ready to feel longer, leaner and stronger.

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